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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Francys Slaviero

Date and Place of Birth:
May 5th, 1986, in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.



Height: 5,77 ft.
Hips: 35,43 in.
Waist: 23,62 in.
Bust: 34,65 in.
Feet: 7.


How do you define your style?
I see myself as a chic person, elegant at the same time. Elegance shows a person’s glow and being chic is directly related to the way one dresses and the attitude.


Do you have any special cares with your looks?
Yes, I always have my nails done. Nothing upsets me more than going to a party with ugly hands. I also take good care of my skin. A good body moisturizer is essential and a good shampoo is necessary.


Are there any parts of your body you try to hide?
No, I’m happy with my body. I think it’s important that you know how to love yourself. If you have a little flaw it’s always nice trying to use it as a charm.


Any parts you like to show of?
My breasts, butt and feet. It is hard to choose one since I love myself the way I am.


Any exaggerations in your wardrobe?
Yes, shoes and sunglasses.


Which brands are all over it?
Actually I have some branded pieces in my closet, but I don’t think that really matters. What is important is how they dress, how they feel.


What thing you must have in your purse?
Lips gloss (several types), my cell phone and the basic (documents and money).


What is luxury to you?
Coco Chanel once said luxury begins where necessity ends. Today, it seems the definition goes beyond: it has to do with feeling good, for inspirations and personal expression do not necessarily have to be expensive. There is no doubt, therefore, that luxury or whatever that might mean to each person, has its place in the world. Shocked by excess or mesmerized by beauty, each one looks for luxury and well being.


A luxury you can’t help...
On the weekend, going to a delicious beach, with a fantastic sun, nice people or going some place that brings pleasant memories to my mind.


An unforgettable party...
A memorable party to me was a very simple party I’ve attended, at a friend’s house, where I started a relationship with someone really special to me. We´ve been together still.


Golden, silver or diamonds?
Each one has a proper occasion. Depending on the style, a nice fake can become pretty BELLA. lol


You like spending money with...
With things that will not give me anything back like traffic tickets, rent...


You can’t save a penny at...
A nice attitude, a smile (I love smiling), comfort words, that is, thing that will make me feel good and my friends happy.


A perfume...
Chance, by Chanel.


Paris, New York, Madrid or Milan?
Any place is amazing when you’re with someone wonderful by your side. Any little place in the world.


Define a chic person...
I believe today there’s no such thing as someone was born chic. The way I see it, those people have had proper education and learned how to behave socially in a more natural way, as any person can learn. If one does not have the opportunity to learn this at home, he will have to make an extra effort, but it’s worth it. Being chic today is having a dynamic, natural attitude, although rules are more flexible, they are still here and we can’t give up on some things. Being chic is finding your own style, not being ordinary. Good manners are also a part of being chic. In my opinion, good examples of chic people are Silvia Pfeiffer (Brazilian actress) and Luiza Brunet (Brazilian old school model).


A dream...
Most women think about love, maternity, a nice house… well, I’m no different. But in order to achieve what I’ve mentioned before, I have an even bigger dream: finishing my Nutrition Major, being a successful professional and conquering my independence. I might also get a second degree in journalism, since I was invited to work in the area and accepted the invitation as a challenge. I’m loving it!


I would like to thank the whole Bella team for their dedication, attention and professionalism, besides all subscribers and visitors from BellaClub.


Francys Slaviero.

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