Who pays the bill?
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Who pays the bill?

Maybe this is the biggest taboo when it comes to relationships. Years pass, girlsfriends change, your life goes upside down and the subject is always present. In many cases women don´t even think about it, but in the male world I guess the one who pays the bill is a current talking theme.

Men, usually on a first date, offer to pay the restaurant bill. If this goes on and on and on for many dates, though, it can become a huuuge problem. Not only finantial, but an attitude problem. In such cases, the lack of attitude from some ladies may end up on a very unhappy partner – even because many times the man actually wants to pay the check, but is also after some kind of worry coming from the woman. Mentioning the bill should be shared between both is often enough for the girls to show they care.

Sincerity, then, is really important so the situation doesn´t get worse. Men don´t like saying they have been having finantial problems (if that´s the case), and us women cannot guess all what´s going on in your world. So, please, talk to us! We are very comprehensive when it comes to that (if your partner isn´t, just tell her to get a job, she´s not enough for you).

Believe me, it is much easier when you share your trouble with the person beside you. Women also like buying you presents and surprising you sometimes, so let us do the tough work once in a while. What´s the big deal? We work, we get paid, we control our credit cards (in most cases, that is!), we can share it or pay for it entirely sometimes. Really. We can do it.

Of course we have extra items on our lists which shouldn´t be left aside – such as manicures, hairdressers, make-up and hygiene products, not to mention our birth control. You need a happy, well cared for girlfriend, after all! So I believe the best thing to do is to have a nice, decent talk and agree on what each of you will be paying from now on. Say you pay the electricity bill and she pays the supermarket bills, you pay the rent and she pays your car insurance. I don´t know, it works differently for every couple, that is why I am telling you to sit, open a bottle of wine and talk openly between you both. See what works and what doesn´t.  Maybe you pay the bill today and she pays it the next time you go out for dinner. Maybe she pays for the movie tickets and you buy the popcorn and soda. I haven´t a clue. Just TALK and get to an agreement!

Do not let things happen until you cannot control them anymore. It is very hard to try and change something that has been going on the same way for some time. Change it now, don´t wait it until you can´t handle it anymore. Do not put your relationship at risk for something so silly. Promise, pleeease?

Mariana Goulart

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