Sexless human beings

Sexless human beings

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Bad jokes and controversy walk side by side. One of these days a Brazilian comedian was unfortunate in a joke he made with a female singer who is pregnant – he said she looked so hot, but so hot, he would fuck her and her baby. His words were all over the country and echoed badly on national television. It has affected me, too – for I am six-months pregnant.

During pregnancy, women live in a totally different world. We are sexless human beings. What do I mean? Let me explain: belly and breasts grow; our body goes through several intense transformations. Hormones are sky high, which make us even more sensible, needy, stressed, irritated and so on. People want to touch our baby bumps at all times; they care for the child inside, they protect you. And these things happen with no second intentions, just for the fact of having a little person getting ready to pop out. I believe no one in normal conditions would joke with something like that without feeling at least a bit guilty. After all, the mom-to-be will only become herself again a while after the baby is born.

Older women, on the other hand, act differently - they have a fine line between praise and predicates. Many of them, since technological advances in the beauty industry are in constant development, become true beauties even after they turn 50. After their 60s, on the other hand, most of them become grannies (even if they don`t have grandchildren) and are respected as such. Some comments coming from the male world might be common for some of them, such as those which say they are well preserved grandmas. Apart from those who keep their sex-symbol status, men rarely fall for older ladies – no matter how great they might look.

But how to understand that a pretty, sexy chick gets pregnant (believe me, it happens!) and, when that happens, she tends to leave some sexual desires aside? In these cases, maybe the feelings become more psychological than physiological. Loving a baby bump causes affection without second intentions, besides provoking involuntary smiles. These feelings stem from situations generated by emotional impulse. It`s the same that happens when we are moved, for example, by people who are sick and leave us numb and without sharp critical sense.

I am almost sure women still suffer more than men in some situations. If men got pregnant, I wonder how much neutrality their partners would be able to show – I think we would play much better parts when it came to respecting each other`s spaces and desires. When our hubbies, boyfriends and lovers get sick, we leave it all aside (sexually speaking) so they can get better soon. We understand they need some time to recover and that having the flu, for example, lets you a bit down. When that happen to us, on the other hand, our lovely partners are ready to rock – no matter the way we feel or if we`re into it. For them, women will never be sexless human beings, regardless their physical conditions.

Younger sisters, voluptuous mothers, luxuriant aunts and other categories of neutral women (hot cousins are out!), make you jealous, I am sure – at least when they are part of YOUR family! You want to protect them and if one of your friends even think of hitting on them, you might hit him in the face - or the balls - first. The truth is women can put things and situations apart (we think with our top head!). It is temporary. Maybe we`re pregnant, maybe we actually have a headache, maybe our bosses are a pain the ass, maybe we`ve been having money problems and we cannot think about anything else for that night. But it is temporary and we keep hoping you guys will understand it sometimes...

Mariana Goulart

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