Male sentimentality
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Male sentimentality

Men keep saying women are too sentimental, only want relationships based in talking at all times and need to cry every other day. I know, it is boring even to us! But there are many men out there who are also very sensible – some of them even more sensible than many women, trust me. I believe when that happens their sensibility is much stronger than ours, really.

Maybe the indifference some men demonstrate when it comes to women´s talking needs make us even needier and wanting to speak. It is like saying no to a child. The more you say they can´t, the more they´ll try to get it. Then it becomes a vicious cycle, where one talks too much and the other is literally bored. Discussions are frequent, arguing is present at all times and being with each other becomes a synonym for boredom and control. It would be so much easier if men were a bit smarter sometimes and actually listened!

On the other hand, there are a few more objective, practical ladies who talk about it, get the issue solved and end of story! These may leave men a bit scared and can even justify the end of a relationship. I would say it is about time men left all the pride aside and let sentimentality sink in. After all, nothing but insecurity makes us most in need of tissues, a shoulder to cry on and conversation.

Funny thing is: some relationships are cyclical when it comes to that. Sometimes the woman cries, cries, cries. Other times it is the man who becomes shows himself more sensible and fragile. I guess it would be awesome if we all could discern and understand when our partners need a little bit more of attention instead of just getting tired of it and saying our goodbyes.

The best thing, at least for me, is to put yourself in the other person´s shoes. If you were the one feeling insecure regarding a subject or an ex, if you were the one in need of questioning a few things from the past, wouldn´t you like your partner to sit down and listen to you showing some patience? I know I would! Just don´t let it go. It builds up and up and up until you aren´t able to change it anymore.

Thinking with your head instead of your heart might help in such cases. Think about it. One day you´re going to be the one in need of a decent conversation – and in most cases your friends won´t be able to help. So please try and listen to your girl – even if it means you´ll be listening to some boring and repetitive subject for the next while. Relationships are exchanges and you got to learn how to give a bit of yourself, too. It is worth a try, I can guarantee!

Mariana Goulart

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