Healthy nails
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Healthy nails

Beautiful, healthy nails are not restricted to women only. It is also important for men to pay attention to them. After all, I bet no girl would put their hands together to long, dirty, dry or unhealthy nails. Nail care, however, is fairly simple: just keep them clean and essentially healthy.

Many men lost prejudice and nowadays take care of their hands and feet. Some even go to specialized professionals, such as manicures and podiatrists. Having the nails trimmed isn´t always enough to keep them healthy, though, and can even be a synonym for trouble in some cases (if you don´t do it the correct way, for example).  In order to avoid the occurrence of ingrown toenails, fungal infections, fissures, calluses and other problems that may appear on the feet and hands, be careful while having them cleaned, use appropriate medication and look for a good professional in the field instead of trying to fix it all up yourself.

Manicures will cut toenails and fingernails, sand them and, if you find it necessary, take the cuticles off - which protect the root of inflammation and dirt, and should be treated with caution. Women usually have their cuticles taken off for aesthetic reasons more than anything. When you take them off, the nails are more visible. Men are much simpler, though. Just ask your manicure to remove corners and you´re done.

Responsible for the health of the feet, podiatrists do the same job, but go beyond. They also take care of ingrown toenails; treat calluses, fungal infections and other problems that may appear on the feet. Toenails are often drowned in half (even more so for men) and do not breathe, because men opt for shoes instead of sandals (I know! Going to work wearing sandals of flip-flops would be weird indeed). The podiatrists are also able to eliminate fungal infections difficult to treat, contact visits are regular cleaning and care of the feet.

If you are not interested or don´t have enough time or money to visit a professional every other week, just follow a few simple steps to keep your nails clean and healthy: keep them short and sanded. Long fingernails accumulate dirt, may smell bad and even contract bacteria - causing mycoses, which are boring and difficult to treat.

Wear clean socks every day and try to alternate your shoes – don´t wear the same every single day, give it a break for it to breathe. If you notice you have calluses, try those silicone rubber bands which help in the treatment and also reduce the pain.

A good tip is to buy a simple nail kit, with cutter, scissors and sandpaper. It can also be taken to trips and occupy little space in the closet or bathroom. The kits come in great packages of leather or nylon, ideal for taking them with you in your daily bag or to keep them in drawers.

If you think us women don´t notice men´s hands and feet, you´re wrong! We love beautiful hands, especially if they are well cared for!

Mariana Goulart

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