Accept the whites
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Accept the whites

It is pretty easy to be surprised when you see a guy who has tried to having his hair dyed and got it (very) wrong. Reddish colors which are too dark,  blondes which are too yellow... Women go through the same trouble, we don´t blame you. The difference is that it is much more acceptable to see them around with their hair in bright colors than it is with men. Is it common to see older guys walking around in your country with their hair dyed? It is not very normal here in Brazil, but it does happen – and, when it is well done, it looks great, actually.

The main step not to get it wrong is to go after a good professional hairstylist. In today´s world they are ready to look after heads of all ages, especially those of guys who are looking for an alternative to rejuvenate the appearance. If you do not feel comfortable enough when visiting a hairdresser, find a barber who works with it – there are a few around, I promise you!

If your hair is brown with no shades of red, say goodbye to the mahogany colors. Prefer more natural tones such as light brown and dark blond. It might look weird in a first moment but the color fades once you wash it, leaving a more natural look. Black is tricky and it might mean great damage when applied on white or grizzle hair (too dark and not natural looking at all!). Opt for the medium brown tones instead.

Now if you think about leaving your head as it is, know one thing: men who assume the gray are the national preference of women! Gray hair is aphrodisiac for us. Besides being natural, many men are much more charming with gray locks. In the beginning it might be a little complicated for you to get used to your white head, but you´ll see how great it is once you accept your aging process (some guys have gray hair before they are 25! So it doesn´t mean you are old. It means your hair is going through a natural process, that´s all).

Meaning: gray hair is inevitable! You´ll have it sooner or later. So if you go for it, there are special shampoos to help maintain a healthy and beautiful color. Men who were blond tend to have their gray-ish hair a bit stained, so the industry bet on shampoos that take the stain away. These products are more expensive than the regular ones, but they keep up to what they promise, so it might be a good option if that´s your case.

T he decision to have your hair dyed should be well thought out. When in doubt, leave it as it is! If instead of going with the flow and accepting the whites you still want to keep your natural hair color, invest in a good professional and do not try anything at home – unless you actually know what you are doing!

Mariana Goulart

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