Iran: a trip to the Persian gem A destination filled with surprises and beauties: mosques, gardens, mountains, and deserts. This corner of the world that, since 1935, has been known as Persia, offers a unique chance to dive into the past, into the dawn of knowledge. The world’s most amazing waterfalls It is within nature that emotions flow, imagination flies, and reflection returns to us some o four humble essence of being simply humans. This article brings an amazing selection of places where the water is the main star. A distinct Buenos Aires As a touristic metropolis, Buenos Aires is famous for its mystic places, well-known by any touristic guides. Our proposal here, on the contrary, is to take you to other places – not that famous, therefore unmissable. Exotic destinations for the single ithout forgetting places such as Cancun, Helsinki, Saint-Tropez, and Ibiza, we are here to present three exotic destinations that are certainly unforgettable for those who have the opportunity to visit them. Tunisia: a Mediterranean inspiration Even though nearly half of its territory is formed by deserts, Tunisia houses idyllic locations. Crib of the mythical Carthage, this region is one of the most beautiful in Magreb. Lanzarote: the island of volcanoes Even though all the islands in the Canaries are beautiful, Lanzarote deserves a special highlight due to its volcanic composition. If you love the sea, this is the place for you! Belize: a magical place in the Caribbean If there's anything I can say about Belize's that it's one of those strange places we feel obliged to visit at least once in a lifetime in order to feel the energy of a calm life, a friendly population, and a wild nature. Wandering around Madrid There are many theories about the name of the capital of Spain, even though almost no one doubts it were the Arabians who chose it: ´Magerit´ represented the city´s subterranean waters. The mountains of Rajhastan A few years ago we decided to go on a trip to Rajhastan, region in the North of India, land of Maharajas, who dominated large extensions of land and represented the highest aristocracy, always well respected by its people. Iceland, the gelid trip A mythical kingdom ruled by elves and Arctic energy, Iceland is where the past meets the future in an elemental symphony of wind, stone, fire and ice. The Big Island of Chiloé Visitors who lament the supposed cultural homogeneity of Chile obviously haven´t been to the misty, verdant archipelago of Chiloé. This group of islands escaped much of the conforming influence of Santiago and the colonial onslaught. Asturias: natural paradise In the North of Spain is the region of Asturias, with its innumerable shades of green, the gray of its imponent mountains, the skin deep nature, and an essence that involves every visitor, so meekly welcomed. Granada, a treasure in Nicaragua When we think about Granada, the first thing that comes to mind is the singular city in the South of Spain. We find another one in the Caribbean. Therefore, the city we´ll be talking about this time is a hidden treasure in Nicaragua. Andorra Even though it is a well-known destination for the European, for those who come from other continents it is a huge mystery, and for those who are willing to kill their curiosity, a destination they won´t be able to forget. Costa Rica In the heart of Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama, is a paradise full of natural parks and exciting beaches: Costa Rica. The ticos, as its inhabitants are known, carry a popular expression at the tip of their tongues: pure life. Ibiza: Mediterranean essence Internationally famous since the 1960s, Ibiza has become one of the most popular destination for those who love the Mediterranean beauty and parties. Ibiza is formed by beaches and breathtaking coves for the delight of all of its visitors.

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