Top-rated women
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Top-rated women

Hello, readers! It is with much pleasure that today myself (Victor Lee) and my friend Eduardo Santorini start a new article here on Bella Club which will talk about specific male subjects, more specifically those related to dating and seduction.

I have a deeper experience with foreign women, whereas Santorini is a specialist when it comes to dating Brazilian girls. We thought it would be kind to share a few tips and points of view here, besides exchanging ideas with you guys.

Without further ado, here is the first piece of writing – written by Santorini. My comments come at the end of it (and hopefully yours, too!)

Going out with top-rated women is different than going out with less-attractive ladies

The vast majority of men do not find trouble when it comes to getting those average ladies to bed. But when the target are the top-rated chicks, things tend to get a lot harder. Hot, wild, pretty girls are targeted at all times and they are aware how great they are – therefore, they are also aware they can pick whoever they want to take home with them. When you finally score, the conquest takes you to a different level on the game. It is as if you stopped playing soccer with your fat friends and suddenly started playing for Manchester United (or whichever team you cheer for). When you are in the company of one of those chicks, you understand you are playing on a different level – a highest level – of the challenge.

With your knowledge and refined player skills, the challenge suddenly becomes a possibility. And, if you have enough expertise, then you are a step ahead and we are going to use all that as a trampoline for your success. Some of the tips you are going to read now may seem rather senseless if you are used to the average chick – of course, you have probably been working on those ladies for some time now (successfully!). So the tips below apply specifically to the top-rated gals.

 Make a quiet and confident approach

OK, she ia a top grader. But you are not that bad either, right? Confidence is compulsory when it comes to getting to her, but especially crutial when we are dealing with the hottest girl in town – which cnan be pretty intimidating. She seems aware of her seduction power and, for sure, has realized how many men are into her by now. Although it might be tempting to appeal to your charms, focus and make a calm and confident approach. Remember: the process involves two people. While you are thinking about how to deal with someone like her, she will certainly be analysing you, too.

Do not rush to offer her a drink, do not hesitate when giving answers, do not let your eyes wander around the place, do not stare at the floor. You probably know all of that already, but top-rated chicks may cause strange reactions on a guy.  Sometimes her beauty can send all your experience as a player down the drain, since your mind is so impressed with her image. No matter what happens, keep your dignity and confidence, speak clearly, put yourself in a comfortable position, look her in the eyes while you are talking and feel free to make a joke or two. Just relax and act naturally.

Do not let her beauty intimidate you

Let´s face it: scoring a top-rated woman is a risky deal even for the most experienced player. For a regular guy, it is probably terrifying. Take advantage of your own couragen and understand that logically – and mathematically – speaking, if most guys look at her and think ´I cannot do it´, your chances are better than you think. Now calculate the amount of men  who might be plucking up the courage to go and speak to her. Probably not that many. If you take all that into consideration, you will realize that you actually are in quite a priviledged position (not to mention your acquired abilities). Do not forget to recognize the fact that most men are petrified when dealing with a chick this hot.

Of course, us players are also human. So do not try to foul yourself by thinking her beauty cause no effects on you. There are, on the other hand, many ways of getting through the potential obstacles. First, remember that you are an experienced player. You are, undoubtfully, more prepared than most men to deal with the situation. Second, the true player understands that a initial rejection is not the end of the world and keeps taking the opportunities which will appear in the future. Third, this is not all-or-nothing – you can always go back to grades C and D girls without much difficulty.

Use a wingman

Remember the best wingman is never a guy. Women are social human beings and pay lots of attention on the way other women act before men. If they see you with a girl as attractive as they are, they will certainly feel curious to discover who you are and why you are so special. So if you have an attractive female friend who bears all the necessary requirements to be a good wingman, you should convince her to help you. Just do not commit the mistake of contacting an ex-girlfriend for the job; she can even go with the idea of actually helping you, but something ncan go amiss and she can pick a real bad time for sabotaging you.

It is imporntant the wingman is not close to you at all times. Once you were successfull on approaching your goal, you will not need her help anymore. Make clear to her you are not together. With your abilities and the help of the right wingman, you have great chances of being successfull.

Talk about all but her appearance

Many amateur players love playing the cards of indifference when it comes to a very attractive woman and even if that is useful in some cases, it will not work on this situation. In other words, never go to her with something like ´You are probably thinking I am interested in you onlu because you are pretty, but that is not truth.´ Trying to convince her you are not interested in her body is stupid and childish; it is almost the same as saying ´F*ck, you are hot!´ You know you are interested in her because she is very attractive. And she knows it either. But do not mention it for anything in the world. There are plenty of other subjects for you to pick, just do no pick subjects you don´t understand about.

 Approaching rules to get a top-rated

On the other hand, do not commit the mistake of praising her personality.  This only reinforces the idea that you are trying to pretend you ignore her beauty. So sentences such as ´Wow, your eyes are pretty´ and ´You are very funny´ are unnecessary  here (unless she actually tells a very funny joke). She probably is not insecure and has probably heard it all. Do not make her waste her time, talk about something  that is interesting indeed.

Use a different approaching method

She is not any girl, so it might be a good idea to try approaching her differnently. A top-rated woman has heard it all, so a good thing might be trying to say something she has never come across before, such as ´You should not wear so much eyeliner.´ You will not be indelicate nor offensive, but  you will not be acting as childish as the other guys either. You can also comment on the joke she has told which you thought it was not that funny. This behavior might cause a positive effect on a top-rated.

Pay attention to the way she reacts to your comments and techniques. If you feel things are not going as they should be, if she looks bored or is not demonstrating interest, maybe it is time you tried something different. Most important, while talking about her ´negatives´, do it with an appropriate smile so she undersntands there is actually something nice behind what you are saying.  

Getting a top-rated woman

Actually getting a top-rated woman is something rare and amazing, so you need to deal with it respectfully. Take deep breaths, it is a difficult challenge! You should recognize this opportunity as a chance you have to actually shine as a player. It is as if all your previous conquests were a rehersal for this exact moment. And even now, it is compulsory to work on new methods. And you gotta remember to trust your abilities and experience.

Eduardo Santorini is a specialist in dating and seduction. Editor of the blog  Atitude de Homem and author of the best-selling book  Código da Atração – both written in Brazilian Portuguese.


Victor Lee´s Comments

I agree a lot with what Santorini has explored in this article. Particularly when he told us not to hold to the same method forever. It is very tempting to think we should just apply a kind of behavior we have seen in movies thinking it is the best formula for reaching our goals.

Those of you who have watched Woody Allen´s Vicky Christina Barcelona certainly remember the way the Spanish guy approaches the ladies, disarmed and with the sincere proposition of having sex with both of them at the weekend in Oviedo. It is pretty rough, but some women actually like this much sincerity. 

Based in my experience, this direct approch has a better effect when the targets are foreigners (in this case, girls who are not Brazilian). Here our society still brings cultural effects which make indirect approach more likely to work.

Additional tip: in case your target is the owner of a huge, delicious pair of tits, the golden rule is not staring at them. Better yet: pretend you do not even care. In the experiences I have had with these women (the silicon babes), I have noticed they feel a huge difference while comparing the Eras before and after plastic surgery. They usually mention that ´now men do not even talk to me straight without staring at my breasts.´

So when approaching acoording to Santorini, without mentioning a thing about her body or trying to please her with compliments at all times, you will avoid being labeled as ´just another guy´. And for getting that girl among a million other girls, you gotta be The Guy among a million guys.

That is it for now. We hope we were well received by you guys on our first article to Bella Club. Please feel free to nsend comments and suggestions about themes. Send us your questions and experiences, too. You can send all that to the e-mail:

Victor Lee is the author of the books Números da Balada and Guia do Viajante Conquistador. He is also the editor of the blog  From Victor With Love.

Eduardo Santorini e Victor Lee

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