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Model´s photo:  Ana Paula Cordova
Ana Paula Cordova - Ana Paula Cordova brings all of her perfection to a very charming lounge by the beach, making this shooting an explosion of glamour. She lets her sensuality take over and shows off through the photographer’s daring lenses. Let the grace of her curves take you over in this beautiful shooting. Enjoy everything that is exclusive for you, Bella Club member: delicious videos and special photos!
Name: Ana Paula Cordova
Date and place of birth: May 21th, 1986, in Florianopolis (Santa Catarina - Brazil)
Current residence: Florianopolis
Sign: Gemini

Height:  5’7’’
Hips: 38’’
Waistline: 25’"
Bust: 37’’
Foot: 6 ½

Soccer team: Brazil

Perfume: Coco Mademoiselle - Chanel

Drink: Water

Habit: I’m a perfectionist

What are your career projects?
As a fashion student, my purpose is to finish my studies and work with something related to what I´ve learned at University.

Do you think you’re sexy?

Do you work out?
Yes, I go to the gym regularly.

Beautiful women always see some insignificant little flaw that no one else can see. Does that happen to you?
It happens with me too! I think there will always be something we can work on, but the most important thing is to feel good about ourselves.

Are you a party girl or do you prefer staying at home?
I like partying and staying at home as well, balance is essential.

Ever got hit on by a girl?

Are you afraid of being cheated?
Nobody likes to be cheated, but it can happen, since life offers a lot of opportunities to that. But, actually, I’m not afraid.

Are you jealous?

What can’t a man do on the first date?
He can’t be rude, can´t be too self confident, and should not talk about negative things all the time… It can ruin everything.

Would you let your boyfriend pose for a sensual shooting?

What is essential in a man?

How was it posing for BellaClub?
It was an amazing experience! Congratulations to the production team!

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