BellaClub presents   Monique Helena - See the babe in brand new photos Monique Helena - See the babe in brand new photosOnly 20 years old and a very special girlish look. Monique Helena, the new Bella Club model, stars a different shooting: with rollerblades, headphones, and her genitals pierced – yup, you got that right! The photos reveal the combination of a sweet girl with a daring woman, the kind who knows exactly how to tease a man. She’s into provocative talking while she’s at it. “They simply can’t resist…” This is the first time Monique has posed naked, and you can’t miss her first time in Bella Club. “I had never done it before, and I must confess I loved it!”

 Karuliny Malta Karuliny Malta

 Emiliana Agacci Emiliana Agacci

Our next model is a 25-year-old babe who's sexy in every inch of her body. She has been here before, and now can barely wait until next Wednesday to show you more. Can you tell who she is by looking at the photo above?  Blog Can you recognize her?

Impressive Darline Carvalho has 29 photo sets in Bella Club - one better than the other! We challenge you to pick a favorite (only one!). Click here to start your thorough analysis.  Blog We've a challenge for you!

Going away on holidays and wanting to buy new sneakers to explore the city on foot? Or maybe you're not into maps, nor apps that guide you around touristic places. Well, we may have found the ideal solution for you: Easy Jet had the brilliant idea of releasing sneakers that also work as a GPS.Still undergoing tests, the EasyJet Sneakairs has a Waze-like device input in the shoe that, connected to Google Maps via Bluetooth, vibrates to give you directions - turn right if you right foot vibrates, left if you feel your left foot vibrate, and stop and enjoy the view if both vibrate, for you've reached your destination.We think it was a great idea! How about you? Blog Sneakers that guide you around

If your into the social media, you're aware that Snapchat has some special effects filters (Bella's snap is delicious, btw. Follow us there! /belladasemana). There's one that's similar to the flower crown our babe is wearing here. We must say the natural version is infinitely prettier - as it happens in Monique Helena's case, who returns to Bella Club tomorrow with the second part of her photo shoot, ready to show you a bit more of her delicate curves.  Blog Much better than Snapchat!

In this week's Mantips Aleksandar Mandic reflects on the choices we make with reason, and those we make with our heart. Do feelings have a say when it comes to making a decision? Which is the most reasonable choice? Mantips Choose with our heart or our reason?

No matter the audience or their ages, the bands originated between the decades of 1950 and 1980 go way further than the ones that came later. They are part of the history of the true rock ‘n roll, real music icons. Musical Shot Say yes to rock music!

How about increasing temperatures in the bedroom by investing in gifts with second intentions? Getting presents is always nice, and when it involves something the couple can enjoy together, it’s even better. What Women Want Ideas for spicing things up in bed


Apart from our models (because than this poll would be disloyal), what do you like the most in Bella Club?


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